Get to know the newspaper staff...

Kendall Toedter

8th Grade

Born January 7th

My hobbies include swimming, eating,cooking,and eating

I also have a silver lab named queso

I wanted to join newspaper because I love the idea of writing articles that my fellow peers get to read.


Avery Wiseman

7th Grade

Hobbies: I play multiple instruments, which include guitar, piano, clarinet, and tenor saxophone

Pets: I own a german shepard, a rottweiler, and maltese and yorkie mix. I also own three fancy rats and one dumbo rat.

I wanted to join newspaper because it was a perfect opportunity to use my writing skills.


Jacob Pennington

8th Grade

Hobbies/Interests: I play baseball and I am a percussionist. I enjoy the bass drum the most.

Pets: I have two poodles, Harper and Maggie.

I wanted to do newspaper because I like to write and I have a creative imagination. 

Liliana Miller

7th grade

I play soccer, do cross country, like swimming,and like to do gymnastics

I like to play the clarinet, guitar, piano, and recorder.  I used to be in choir.

I enjoy animals such as puppies, cats,polarbears, and pigs 

I joined newspaper because i love to write adventure filled stories. 

Gabriella Schneider

7th Grade

Hobbies/Interests: I do newspaper, play the flute, I like to sell chocolate bars, I like to draw, I  also like to help people.


Cadence Peel

8th grade

Hobbies/ interests: I like to paint and write , I like science the most.

Alyssa Parker

8th Grade

Hobbies include: Reading, listening to rock music, i play the drums, I like pizza

I have 4-ish dogs, their names being Buddy, Cato,Tucker, and Chloe

One reason I wanted to join newspaper is because I like to write. 

Jackson Steger

8th Grade

Hobbies include: Running, Guitar, and baseball

I have 1 dog

One reason I wanted to join the newspaper is because it is fun.

Zane Sanchez

8th Grade

Hobbies include: playing with my dog, sports, and video games

My dog is a german shepherd and his name is payton.  I have 2 sisters, one named Scarlett, and one named Lindsey.

One reason I wanted to join the newspaper is because i was in it last year and I thought it was really fun.