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The Countdown App

Updated: Dec 2, 2019

The Countdown App

By Avery Wiseman

The Countdown app was recently released to hype people up about the Countdown movie, which was released on October 25, 2019. The Countdown movie is about an app that predicts when you’re passing is. The movie is based around a nurse that downloads the app and it tells her that she only has three days to live. A figure then appears to be following her, she has to try to survive before the timer runs out. I switched over to the app and as I was analyzing it, I decided to look through the reviews. They were all simple jokes or made up stories, but why was it removed from the app store for a small bit of time? Apple stated that it was too minimalistic. To sum up what I just wrote, the movie is about a countdown app that predicts when your death is. They recently released an app to promote the movie, but it was taken down shortly after for its simple style. Luckily it’s just an app and won’t cause any harm!

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