• gabriellaschneider9

The Kitten who Roared

There was once a kitten,

Who roared like a lion,

This kitten could do ballet,

She could run as fast as a cheetah,

This little kitten,

Could eat as much as a hippo,

Because she had the biggest stomach in the world,

And she could parachute,

This little kitten,

Was as big as the moon,

This little kitten roared so loud,

This kitten had the biggest mouth like the sea,

This little kitten loved prunes,

She love prunes so much she turned purple,

She was so big she swallowed the sun,

This kitten lived for a billion years,

This kittens name had a billion letters,

Everybody loved this kitten,

The kitten was so fluffy she could fly,

If you saw this kitten you would faint.

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