Australia in flames

I’m sure that most of you know about the tragic events happening in Australia. If you don’t i'm sure that by the title you can guess what's happening. Australia is in the midst of terrible forest fires that are wiping out, land, animals, and homes.

The fires in Australia have taken 28 lives so far. There are thousands of people volunteering to bring wildlife out of the forests and people are trying desperately to save their beloved homeland. It’s possible that around 500 million animals have been killed and approximately 2,000 homes have been completely demolished. It is feared that the high temperatures will make the fires worse.

Fires aren’t the only thing that could cause the deaths in Australia. The smoke that these fires are emitting has been suggested to have the same impact as smoking 19 cigarettes. Scientists have said that the bush fires have released 400 megatons of CO2 (Carbon Dioxide) into the atmosphere. This carbon will stay in Australia until the forests are able to regrow. Because of the severe damage the fires have caused we don’t have an estimate for when the fires will be gone completely.

A mass amount of smoke has been made from these bush fires. The NOAA states that the smoke is “in the process of circumnavigating the planet.” This is an incredibly large threat especially because smoke pollutes the air and causes respiratory illnesses and heart problems. Not only could the fires in Australia kill its inhabitants, but it could also kill people worldwide.

People from all around the world are on the edge of their seats wondering what this will mean for Australia in the future. With the mass amount of environment being destroyed it could take a long time to regrow the land. The fires in Australia haven’t reached from coast to coast yet; however, fires spread fast, we don’t know what could happen in possibly the next month. There’s nothing left we can do but hope that the fires are put out and that Australia is saved.

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