Babe Ruth

By: Ethan Polley

Edited by: Joseph Hiraoka

Babe Ruth was born in 1895 and grew up in Baltimore, Maryland. Babe Ruth was a famous baseball player. He became famous by hitting the first home run. He made an impact on people’s lives because after he started playing, everyone wanted to watch baseball.

He was sent to St.Mary's Industrial School for Boys. Then, his mother tragically died in 1910. But in 1914, he married Hellen Woodford. A year later he hits the first major league home run. 3 years later, his father died.

Then, another year later he joins the New York Yankees. In 1920 he hits a world record of 54 home runs in a season. Plus, the Yankees played in their first World Series game. In 1927, he hits a new record: 60 home runs. 2 years later his wife Hellen died. Then, he marries Clair Hogson. In 1934, he promotes baseball in Japan. But in 1935, he hits his last home run before retirement. But, a year later he is chosen for the hall of fame.

Then in 1948, he dies because of Esophageal cancer. Esophageal cancer is cancer of the esophagus, which is in your throat. Esophageal cancer makes it hard to breathe, eat, and drink liquids. It can also make you choke on food or lose random weight. In the end, he was a good baseball player with a tragic life ending disease.

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