Dia de los muertos interview

For the second part of my día de los muertos article I decided to interview our very own Spanish teacher, Ms. Lienemann.

Do you celebrate día de los muertos?

No, only at school with students.

What is your favorite tradition that is apart of día de los muertos? The food. Pan de muertos.

What is your favorite part of Spanish culture?

The food. Tamales, tacos, pupusas, gorditas.

What does día de los muertos mean to you?

I have an outsider perspective because I wasn’t born into Spanish speaking culture. I like to recognize my family members but I don’t have the same beliefs as somebody who celebrates it religiously.

Is there anything about this holiday that is commonly confused that you would like to share? It’s not Halloween. It’s a happy holiday and it isn’t meant to be sad. If you want to more information you should watch Coco.

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