How Rocks are Formed

How Rocks Are Formed

By Avery Wiseman

There are three different types of rock: Igneous, Sedimentary, and Metamorphic.

Volcanoes form igneous rocks. When magma from the volcano touches the “Earth’s surface or somewhere within the crust” it hardens, forming igneous rock. Examples of igneous rocks are basalt and granite.

Sedimentary rocks are most liking formed when rivers carry rocks to a large body of water, and them then settling at the bottom for years on end. After being settled together for years and years, they then form sedimentary rocks. Shale, limestone, and sandstone are examples of sedimentary rocks.

By heat and pressure, metamorphic rocks can be formed. Metamorphic rocks include marble, anthracite, soapstone, and schist. Although, they can be made out of other rocks or shale which is a type of sedimentary rock. Shale can make a metamorphic rock like slate and gneiss.

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