Lansing Middle School Band

Do you play an instrument or ever wanted to learn? Have you ever wanted to represent your school? Well if you said yes to both then your in luck!

Becky Jones is the director of the Lansing Middle School Band. She works along with Blake Vignery, assistant band director/percussion instructor of Lansing Middle School. There are a variety of instruments which include woodwinds, brass, and percussion. As you move up grades you get the chance to join jazz bands, honor bands, and pep band.

There is morning jazz band and 9th hour jazz band, although some things you might have to audition for. For example 9th hour jazz band is an audition jazz band.

Objectives are assigned each quarter. There are four objectives each quarter that are due usually on Fridays. Objectives are short videos you turn in that shows you are practicing and not behind. Objectives help Mrs Jones and Mr. Vignery check if you need help with a note or help playing the note right. This could be an exciting opportunity to display your talents with an excellent learning environment.

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