Lizzie Borden's Tale

America has had its fair share of murderous mysteries, but one of the most famous tales is of Lizzie Borden.


1892, Lizzie Borden, born 32 years before, had been suspected of murdering her father and stepmother. They were both found with indentations of an axe in them, most likely being the cause of death. Mr. Borden had been found on the sofa where he was brutally murdered while in a deep slumber. Lizzie’s stepmother was found upstairs in one of the family’s multiple bedrooms.

Lizzie’s reaction to these untimely deaths had the whole town on edge, being as she was quite calm after she received the news. She showed no real hint of sadness, which isn’t necessarily strange given the fact that her relationship with her family was quite dysfunctional. After all, they called Abby Borden “Mrs. Borden” and Lizzie assumed that Abby was attempting to take her father's money.

Lizzie was the lead suspect in the case of her murdered father and stepmother. The week after the murders Lizzie supposedly burned a dress that was “covered in paint.” It was later suspected that her dress was actually covered in blood. Lizzie was arrested and she had been tried for the murders of her father and step-mother. In June 1893 she was acquitted given the lack of evidence. Nobody has been arrested for the murders, and they never will be given the time of murders. Multiple books have been written about this mysterious tale, but none know the true killer.

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