Lms boys basketball

By Jacob Pennington, Kendall Toedter, and Jackson Steger

It is now basketball season. To start off the season, we interviewed six of the eighth grade basketball players. Here are the questions and answers.


What made you want to start playing basketball?

Davion: When I was little I started doing sports and I liked basketball the most.

Brett: Watching the sport. Being inspired by it.

Kit: When i was little, my dad was Oklahoma City Thunder fans.

Tyler M: I've always been interested in basketball.

Tyler G: One day i just started playing with friends.

Lexton: Wanted to be first basketball player in my family.

What has your coach and/or teammates thought you so far?

Davion: Leadership. Doing your best.

Brett: Coach taught me gooseneck

Kit: Mostly dribbling, that’s about it

Tyler M: Push ourselves.

Tyler G: Hustle.

Lexton: Steady mindset.

Do you think you will beat Leavenworth?

Davion: Yes.

Brett: I don’t know, it’ll be close

Kit: yea, I think so

Tyler M: It will be a close game.

Tyler G: Yes.

Lexton: Yes.

How long have you been playing basketball.

Davion: Since I was four.

Brett: Since I was five

Kit: Since I was four

Tyler M: Since fourth grade.

Tyler G: My whole life.

Lexton: Since second grade.

Who is your all time favorite basketball player?

Davion: Lebron James.

Brett: Michael Jordan

Kit: Russel Westbrook

Tyler M: Damien Lillard

Tyler G: Stephen Curry

Lexton: Allen Iverson

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