LMS Football team interviews- By Alyssa Parker and Cadence Peel

Football 2k19

By: Cadence Peel and Alyssa Parker

Do you play football? Well at LMS we are big fans of football. With 8th and 7th grade boys and girls playing football we need a lot of school spirit. As a student at LMS we have showed a lot of spirit by pep rallies, signs, and more.

We interviewed a few of the eight grade football players and recorded their answers.

Fun football fact, On November 6, 1869, Rutgers and Princeton played what was billed as the first college football game. Also, Walter camp was the person who created football.

Interviewed players

Why do you play football?

Luciano Riggi: It’s fun.

Cooper Bergman: I like it.

Isaiah Vega: I enjoy physical contact.

Lucas Valverde: It’s a tradition in my family.

Brantley Gates: It’s an interesting sport.

Pierce Cunningham: I get to lay someone out.

Caden Howell: It brings me joy.

Tim Hoctel: To have fun and hang with my friends

Davion Winton: I like to be aggressive and work as a team

Lexton Grafke I love teamwork and I love playing with the boys

Ryan French: I like the competition

How long have you been playing football?

Luciano: Nine years

Cooper: Eight years

Isaiah: Seven years

Lucas: Five years

Brantley: Two years

Pierce: Around ten years

Caden: Seven Years

Tim: Two Years

Davion: Around 11 years

Ryan: Nine years

Lexton: Around five years

Is it hard for you as you as a student to keep track of school and play football?

Luciano: No

Cooper: Yes

Isaiah: No

Lucas : No

Brantley: No

Pierce : No

Tim: No

Caden: No

Davion: No, you just gotta really pay attention and really focus and don’t get stressed.

Ryan: No

Lexton: Kind of

What position do you play and is it the position you wanted?

Luciano: Guard, etc.

Cooper: Defensive end

Isaiah: Punt, receives, cornerback

Lucas: Defensive end

Brantley: Linebacker

Pierce: Right guard on offense and defense, defensive end

Caden: Starting running back

Tim: Middle Linebacker

Davion: Running back and wide receiver, corner, punt returner and kick returner

Ryan: Tight end, outside linebacker, quarterback

Lexton: Wide receiver, quarterback, yes

What is something you have learned from your coaches/team so far?

Luciano: Teamwork

Cooper: Nothing

Isaiah: Nothing

Lucas: How to work as a team

Brantley: Nothing

Pierce: Don’t rely on other people to get the job done

Caden: Everyone has to work together

Tim: 38 Buck G

Davion: Work ethic

Lexton: To play as a team

Ryan: Helping other teammates and encouraging them when they fail is good

Do you as a player like how the season is so far?

Luciano: Yes

Cooper: Yes

Isaiah: Yes

Lucas: Yes because we have a competitive team

Brantley: Yeah

Pierce: Yeah, the first game showed us what we need to work on

Caden: Yeah. I’d like at least one break a week

Tim: Yeah

Davion: Yeah we’re doing good.

Lexton: Yes

Ryan: Yes


Do you think your team is good ?

Coach Creators: The team is still coming together, but they still have lots of promise.

Coach Hays: Absolutely

Do you as a coach think your players are hard workers

Coach Creators: Yes, the team works very hard at practice.

Coach Hays: For sure, there very hard working

What is something that your players have taught you this season?

Coach Creators: They taught me hard work pays off.

Coach Hays: They taught me resiliency.

How long have you been coaching?

Coach Creators: Seven years

Coach Hays: This is my first year.

Top row: Isaiah Vega, Cooper Bergman, Lucas Valverde, Luciano Riggi, Pierce Cunningham

Bottom Row: Tim Hoctel, Davion Winton, Caden Howell, Brantley Gates

Left: Lexton Grafke

Right: Ryan French

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