Meet our Principal

Interview with Mr. Brungardt

By: Alyssa Parker and Jacob Pennington

     Have you ever wondered what our very own principal thinks about our school? Well, we decided to interview Mr. Brungardt to find out about his life and his opinions on our school.

What sparked the idea of becoming a principal? 

I love teaching. I just felt like the changes you can make as a principal are just non ending. 

When did you start singing? 

College. I got chosen for an encore group. It was a big deal. I sing at weddings, funerals, and church. I can’t read music though.

Have you lived in Lansing your entire life? If not, where else have you lived.  

I grew up in western Kansas. Gorhan. There were ten people in my high school graduation class. 

What is your favorite part of your job?

The easy answer is I never want to be a super independent because I wouldn’t be able to be around kids. I like to work with kids. When I can do something to help a kid it makes me very happy; when I can make a kid who’s struggling feel better that makes me happy. 

If you could instantly change anything in the school, what would it be?

If everybody would take the time to get to know each other instead of knit pick and annoy each other I think we would be better off. 

Describe your vision of an effective school in as much detail as possible.

An effective school is where you have common goals and everybody is on board to work towards those common goals. When kids feel safe and like they are protected. There is always an adult that students can go to. One that emphasizes the good things going on and celebrates their successes. All students are treated with respect and dignity no matter what. When kids feel like they are protected and loved. An effective school is when you reach all kids and they know that somebody there is going to fight for them.


What are the strengths of this school? What are our weaknesses?

Our strengths would be our good kids, good and active parents, our kindness and caring students, our exceptional staff, and our academics. Our weaknesses would be the society’s influence and the pressures of what adolescence kids go through. I worry if we can effectively take care of those things. Some of our weaknesses are that the kids need to treat each other better. I worry that some kids don’t have any good roll models.

What do you feel your greatest contribution to this school is so far?

I have been here for 29 years. I have put a lot of blood, sweat, and tears into this. I feel like I am a leader instead of a boss. I feel like I have hired great staff. 

What is your least favorite part about your job?

Paperwork and dealing with unreasonable parents. I don’t mind when parents are questioning or even mad.

What are some ways that you connect with your school community?

I am an open book. I allow myself to be vulnerable. I am okay with admitting if I am wrong and I try to give more than I receive.

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