Meet the club

What is your club about? Expanding on art skills

Why did you create this club? Because I wanted students that were not given the opportunity to take art, I also wanted advanced art students to further their skills

What do you do in your club? Advanced art activities, reports on famous artists, research a lot of artists, socialize with other artists to get advise on our own art

What’s your favorite thing about your club? All the wide range of materials to do art

Why is your club so important? “We help out with decorating the school” from Karlee and Bayley

How many people are in your club? 20

What are all the club members names?

Emma Arroyo

Janiah Brown

Gwynevere Buie

Carissa Bullard

Karlee Dalton

Isabella Edmonds

Ruby Gant

Brooklyn Hawkins

Alexis Jinks

Nicholas Kappeas

Lindsey Leach

Ashlynne Maciag

Kinley Martin

Kaelyn Mohan

David Pruitt

Addison Rebarchek

Bayley Taylor

Samantha Terry

Mya Vigil

What is the project that your club is doing right now? Optical illusions

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