Ozone layer, do we need it?

By: Ethan polley

Edited by: Joseph Hiraoka

Ozone Layer Depletion

The hole in the Ozone Layer is the purple part. That’s why Antarctica is melting, the hole is right over it.

Since 2000, the Ozone has almost returned to its normal state from the Industrial Revolution in 1850 to the 1900s. The Ozone is now covering 80 percent of the world. Without the Ozone Layer, we will be dead because of the ultraviolet radiation. After the Ozone Layer started to deplete, it caused global warming. In which it could melt places like Antarctica, Greenland, and Iceland, which would cause the water to rise and cover almost all of Florida, California, and other states along the coastlines (New York, Rhode Island, etc.). This would cause many plants and animals to die. It would also destroy many big cities. It would also affect other parts of the world by destroying big cities in other countries (like London and Barcelona).

Ultraviolet radiation

Ultraviolet radiation can be very deadly to humans, animals, plants, and many materials. It can make you age faster. If you are 18 and you’re exposed to it for too long, it can make your body work harder. Your body would be the equivalent of a 20 year old’s body. Also from the UV radiation, you can get sunburned which could cause some kinds of cancers (skin cancer). It can also cause a sickness called Erythema. Erythema can cause redness which can lead to worse sunburns. Ultraviolet radiation can also damage your eyes, making hard to see or you could even go blind. It can also harm your immune system which can make it more vulnerable to sickness.

How to prevent Ozone depletion

Things you can do to prevent Ozone depletion are: plant trees and don’t use cars (ride a bike or you can run), don’t use harmful cleaning products, and save energy (turn off lights when you don’t need them). One bad cleaning product is Roundup. Roundup can cause cancer and deplete the Ozone Layer. This is because it has dangerous chemicals in it. One dangerous chemical is Benzisothiazolin in Roundup. When you use Roundup on the plants, they take it in and release it into the atmosphere. This can damage the Ozone Layer. Many cars can damage the Ozone Layer because when a car burns fuel, it releases it through the exhaust pipe, into the atmosphere.

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