Paid for Grades?

Should students get paid for grades? There are many different ways of getting paid

and could benefit the student. Getting paid could also be bad for students. Paying

students for good grades could help pay for certain education, provide motivation, but

could also show that grades are the only thing that matters.

Helping pay for extra and certain types of education is important. A lot of students

that go to college or university end up having student debt for years after they get out of

school. With payment for good grades they could eliminate a portion of the tuition. Also

with that extra money kids can go to amusement parks, movies, and can go and buy

snacks for when friends come over. Studies have shown that “fun” things improve focus

in school. That’s motivation for good grades.

The money students could earn motivates them to get good grades and try their

hardest in class. With proper motivation students won’t want to hold off until the last

day. This could also relate to a job later in life learning if people do good at jobs they get

paid better. When adults get paid better they work harder and longer for even more pay.

The payment for good grades would help remind students to do their homework

motivating them to finish it and get it turned in on time. There could be a few flaws at the same time though.

Getting paid is great but it could get to where the student only cares about good

grades and getting the money. They could start acting negatively towards other

students and bragging about the money and how much they get paid for a grade. Which

could be bad and make the kids that already have it rougher at home possibly

embarrassing them. Also when students think grades are the only thing that matters

they can forget about chores and pets and even talking to grandparents, because they

are too busy with school work. Another downside to getting paid to get good grades

would be if all the students are getting good grades the teachers would make the

students do more and harder work which could stress out the students that could barely get done the old work.

In conclusion I think it’s a good idea for students to get money for good grades but

not for parents to have to pay it but from the school, which in the end comes from their

parents pocket but not as much with the cost being all split up though taxes. Giving

students money has many benefits and downs but overall it’s a good idea. When

students get paid it will motivate them, and help pay for higher education. It will also

give students a chance to save and get something that could help in school or give their

mind a break. Also rewarding students for good grades could help bring up state and

school averages and that’s important to new people with kids to the community.

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