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Jumanji: The Next Level


“Fun movie. Not an epic tale, light hearted funny, just entertaining.”

Keaton M.

“"Jumanji: Welcome to the Jungle" was a very good movie, and its sequel, "The Next Level" keeps stamina, despite not being AS solid. Dwayne Johnson and Kevin Hart have excellent chemistry, and the action has been taken up a notch. I'm a fan of the clever twist (Danny DeVito and Danny Glover getting sucked into the game) and liked it enough to want more. I was a tad disappointed, though. 70/100.”


“Terrible, walked out and wasted 25 on the tickets. Very predictable and stupid.”

Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker

Federico Furzan

“It contributes to a major cause, but this last entry feels like a fun adventure from start to finish, and that's what this world is all about. It's not about angry fans.”

Kathryn Reklis

“It turns out there isn't new darkness or new light - just the same old battle on franchise repeat. The galaxy is saved, once again, by a lone hero who has finally learned her rightful place in a very closed circle.”

Bob Mondello

“It doesn't do anything new or even terribly distinctive, but maybe it didn't have to. It just had to be good enough to stick the landing, and it does that.”

Frozen II

Vegard S.

“The movie had some good things about it, but it didn't get to my expectations. Some of the scenes were boring and it was a very simple story that worked fine. Kids will love it but it isn't so good. But i'll recommend the movie.”

Kelly P.

“Was anticipating the sequel would not be comparable to the original. I was extremely impressed and found that I genuinely enjoyed the movie as much as my two children. The storyline, animation, and humor made for a very good movie.”


“Maybe one of the best sequels ever. I’m usually not a fan of them but this was great.”



“So I finally watched "Cats". And I'm going to have a seemingly unpopular opinion: it's one of the better film-musicals made recently! I suspect that the thing that people have a problem is the "uncanny valley". Well... I am familiar with the stage musical (and a video-version of it) since I was a kid, really. And I do like it, I used to dance to it in front of a TV and had a small poster by my desk. And I should also probably say, that I always treated it similar to sci-fi or fantasy. Because it is! It is set in a world, where there are humanoid cats. And magic. They are not cats that we know. They are alien cats. They walk on two legs, have human-like faces and like singing and dancing. And some of them can do magic. Going into the film with this (to me very obvious) assumption, their look is just a given. The SGI is... mostly good. The only problem is that they are often a bit "floating", not quite standing on the ground. Slightly distracting, but not majorly. Were the Composite artists rushed in the end to they didn't have time to fix this? I suspect so. Story is, in my opinion, very much improved. There is now an "audience perspective" character – a new cat, Victoria, so we can discover this world of "jellicle cats" with her and follow her journey. A few other characters are fleshed out: Mr. Mistoffelees has a visible story ark, Gus the Theatre Cat has an awesome resolution instead of just disappearing after his song, it is explained why everyone hates Grisabella, and Macavity has a reason for lurking around and disrupting the ball beyond "because he's eeeeevil". The only thing I missed compared to the stage version was a bad-*** fight between Munkustrap and Macavity. Because that made Munkustrap into a real bad-***. Actually, I'd say his character was slightly toned down overall. He is more of a guide, rather that a leader and protector. I personally liked the stage version more, but this is just a personal preference here. The humour is also mostly good, a lot of funny moments, more than in the original. The actors are good. Really, really good, actually. Especially Mistoffelees (Laurie Davidson). I mean, everyone. But... yeah, in this version the Magical Cat leaps from "one of the favourites" to "the favourite" character. (In the stage-version-video Munkustrap overshadowed him a bit for me). Oh, and... they can sing! I know, there shouldn't be a reason to mention this in a musical. It seems obvious that the actor should be able to both sing and act (and dance in this case) at the same time to be cast in a musical. But the recent track record for "films-musicals" has been... not so good. Well... there you go.”

Julian M.

“Cats will leave you confused, scared, and bored out of your mind. This musical should've never been adapted to the screen. Where's our 'Wicked' adaption Universal?????????”


“Hands down THE WORST movie I’ve ever seen.”

The Addams Family


“The Addams Family (2 out of 5 stars). The Addams Family is a boring and dull reboot to the Addams Family movies. The gothic and supernatural family is back in this animated feature. Although, it really lacked the spirit of the original movie. From a lackluster script and direction. Surely, kids may enjoy this movie more than adults. The humor and jokes are old and feeling outdated in this movie. The plot follows Gomez and Morticia getting married and chased away from their homeland from villagers. They find an abandoned asylum in New Jersey where they settle in too. They meet Lurch, an escaped mental patient (who looks more like Frankenstein). As the years go by, their son Pugsley is preparing for a family coming of age tradition. While Wednesday, their daughter wants to experience the world. Away from there sheltered house. Which there town is growing with new neighbors. And a reality tv host Margaux, who is trying to build a perfect neighborhood and wants to rid of that old house. The plot is decent about a story of a family trying to keep to themselves. Wednesday is wanting to explore. And meets a friend who is tired of hiding who she wants to be with her lifestyle. It is a cute and charming story. The script and direction lacked in making any of these interesting characters fun to watch. They are all dull and forgettable. The animation is dreadfully boring. It is no Tim Burton's style. The directors Conrad Vernon and Greg Tiernan failed to make their film stick out. Overall, The Addams Family is a bad film. The reboot on turning it into an animation failed terribly. With dull animation. Boring and outdated humor. The script and direction lacked in making this film worth watching.”

David L.

“The 2019 Addams Family admittedly looks strong as the character designs are on-point. The score is also good and the voice acting's terrific. But the treatment of these iconic edgy characters and material with kid gloves really made the movie boring, tiresome and lifeless. It's such a frustratingly mediocre reboot.”

Rebecca P.

“Funny enough for the kids with great adult humor and a solid message about staying true to yourself.”

Lion King

Amin R.

“I can't get enough of The Lion King. I have seen it countless times and I will continue to watch it. It has the best music/score and a very empathetic, heart wrenching tale of a kid who wants to grow up, but when he does, he wants to be a kid again.”

John C.

The Lion King is an animated masterpiece. Everything about this is great: the story, the voice acting, the songs, the moments of humour balancing the moments of sadness, the design of the characters. It only gets better with repeated viewings.

Denale S.

“I don't really like this movie because of the animation.”

Sleeping Beauty

Spencer P.

“Call it the fairies' story, Philip's story, or both, but this certainly isn't the princess' story this time. The dark, arresting new visual palette and design is a standout compared to earlier Disney classics, and it has its fair share of humor, but it musically doesn't reach any highs.”

Anne B.

“HORRIBLE! Really? Is she conscious to accept the kiss? Come on!”

Alec B.

“Arguably the last movie of Disney's first golden age of animation. The visual elements really drive the narrative here and basing the score on Tchaikovsky's ballet was a stroke of genius making several scenes feel like a lost sequence from "Fantasia"


Ryan R.

“One of the best disney soundtracks of all time. This is a great movie but sadly one of the many Disney movies where they characters try to be hip and funny. I like the older movies that have more of timeless voice. Still, they went all-in, and I do respect them for it. Robin Williams performance as the Genie is legendary at this point. However, I am an inconsolable sentimental and I prefer Bambi, Dumbo, the Rescuers (my favorite) and Lady and the Tramp to the pandering Aladdin, Beauty and the Beast and the Little Mermaid. Don't get me wrong, I do like them all. I'm just gen-x-jaded.”

Thomas M.

“Epitomizes the word "classic ``''

Matteo S

“Watched this for the first time pretty recently. (I know, I know it's a crime). It was really amazing!! I think the acting was mostly great, the standout of course being Robin William’s Genie, INCREDIBLE music, great animation, funny jokes, menacing villain and an unforgettable well-structured story! This makes for probably my favourite Disney animated movie and a true classic.”


Nick H.

“Passable music. Forgettable villain. Less than mediocre forbidden love story. I'm not sure they could have made a decent kids movie out of the actual history but does that mean this movie shouldn't have been made? Yes. This is just not good even if it was pure fiction.”


“Back when Disney movies were good and not woke garbage”

Jason N.

“Outdated racial stereotypes aside... it's a decent film at best. Highly historically inaccurate though.”]

Maleficent: Mistress of Evil

Tala A.

“Boring, you can know the end as long as it starts.”


“It’s no surprise the critics don’t like this movie. Why do you think Sleeping Beauty was a flop when it came out? The supporting characters are the focus in this movie,which is faithful to the 1959 classic! Having watched it a second time I love it like I love the 1959 classic! In a sequel they’re free to make an original story and take risks! It is one of the best live action Disney movies and my favorite!”

Julien L

“The movie was actually amazing! I don't know what half the people are talking about.”

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