Seasons and Sports!

It is almost fall time and the leaves have already started to change their color. Personally, I’m the biggest fan of the fall season. I am pretty sure that many other people will disagree with me. This is because that is when it becomes cold outside. A lot of people don’t like the cold. However, I love the cold months, especially November and December.

Most kids enjoy the fall season because of the sports that are played. These include football, baseball, basketball, and volleyball. These are some of the most popular sports that are played in these few months. Out of these sports, the ones we have at our middle school are: football, basketball, and volleyball. Most boys go for football, but some go for basketball.

Even though sports are a very big part of the fall season, there are many other many other reasons that people like the fall season. I think there are too many to count. If you want to, comment in the section below about why you do or do not like the fall season.

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