Should Homework Really Be Taken Home?

Several sources suggest that in general, students shouldn’t have homework. One of the reasons was that it puts strains on family units. Between chores and homework, after school students don’t always get to spend enough time socializing or going outside because they don't have a break. With no breaks at school, homework, chores, pets to take care of, and not getting out till after 3 O’clock, there is barely any time to socialize and spend time with family and friends especially bus riders. Its suggested through many studies that a child in school should have at least an hour a day to vent and do something they find fun. The reason behind that claim is students with work always on their mind are proven to lose sleep at night and get worse grades at school and with at least sixty minutes of free time during the day a lot of stress would be released. Stress can cause grades to drop because stress can cause a student to be unfocused in class and in highschool, students may even drop classes, or school itself because of stress. That’s a huge reason schools should stop giving out home work or at least not over fifteen minutes for the average student. There is no reason that after school a student should have no free time!

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