Someone’s watching you ?

Are your kids safe? Are you? Does your home have videos cameras?Most homes do nowadays. Now there is scary things about having video cameras in your home. Many hackers can hack into your camera systems and either watch you through your camera or talk to you or your kids through the camera also. It is not very safe and the companies are trying to change that but hackers always find a way.

In a home in Mississippi a couple installed the new Ring camera in there daughters room so they can keep an eye on them safely. Obviously it wasn’t safe tho, one day their daughter was dancing and listening to music a man started talking to her through the camera. The man was telling her all sorts of things like “I’m Santa Claus” or “ you can break whatever you want”. The daughter got scared and yelled for her mom but what would've happened if he watched and didn’t speak. The man could have seen a lot of things and didn’t even tell or could’ve told everyone. Now these cameras are supposed to be a safety thing but is this safe at all? So would you put cameras up in your house or room?

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