The History of Chairs

Written by: Joseph Hiraoka

Edited by: Ethan Polley

The History of Chairs

Definition (by me):



Noun. An object that a person sits on that has (usually) four legs and a back.

Example. Sally sat on a chair because she was tired.

So now that we know what a chair is -even though you know what a chair is- I shall tell you about the entire History of Chairs.

It all starts back as far as Early Egypt and China (but they were both basically the same so I’m just going to write about the Egyptians). Where people started to sit on chairs, but these chairs were really for people who were able to afford them. Basically, the chairs would only go up to about 10 inches, and would go higher for how much money you had. The pharaoh would sit on his throne, which even had a footstool. The elites in Ancient Egypt would often have chairs that were carved from wood, covered in leather, and then accessorized with gems and ores. Same as the pharaoh, but his was better.

It’s now the Renaissance Era, and fascination of Ancient Egypt is now at an all time high. Previously the Egyptians were looked down upon because they weren’t Christian and were violently opposed to Judaism in Exodus (the Bible). Anyways, the Egyptians are now fantasized. People saw the idea of chairs, dedicated to sitting on, which was very nice to the Europeans because they sat on barrels and stools, not chairs. In the 1800’s, chairs started to become mass produced for personal use for everybody. Later in the 1950’s, people started to modify and make chairs more comfortable, which made things like office chairs and butterfly chairs.

Chairs are interesting.

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