The History of Reddit

Reddit is a website and mobile app that is (in my opinion) better than every other social media out there. It’s name is Reddit, and has many subreddits. Subreddits are little communities inside of Reddit, think of those Facebook communities, but way better.

Reddit started off much like Facebook did - two college kids in their dorm, Paul Graham and Alexis Ohanian. The original idea for Reddit was an app that you would install on your phone that would let you order food online. However, this was in 2005. 2005 was a different time, Youtube was just made and texting a pizza place for food was not a thing yet. The whole,”Texting a pizza place for food,” thing eventually made Reddit (or at the time My Mobile Menu) fail for the time being.

Paul Graham suggested in a brainstorming session that the team (now consisting of a bit more people) should make the “Front Page of the Internet.” After a couple weeks of coding in Common Lisp, Reddit was created on June 23, 2005.

Reddit would change and evolve over the decade. It would introduce things like paid ads and Reddit Gold. It would get more and more polished and less buggy-er.

Now, there was a main competitor of Reddit: Digg. Digg was basically Reddit before Reddit was even a thing. However, it was starting to fall downhill because its Golden Age was starting to end. Not to mention, Reddit was also starting to gain popularity. Digg seemed as if it would be relevant for years to come, but Digg was about to dig its own grave (pun intended). Digg v4 came out on August 25, 2010. Digg v4 was a massive redesign, and people HATED it. It’s not even like people were mad. People were furious at Digg for redesigning the website. Soon, people started to spread word of Reddit, the better Digg. Reddit’s web traffic exploded. People were coming in left and right, and Reddit was now the new king of the front page of the internet. Also, as a symbol of victory, Reddit’s mascot (Snoo) held a shovel that was similar to the Digg logo.

Reddit has been the front page of the internet for 15 years, but the best front page of the internet for 10. Reddit made a redesign of itself two years ago in 2018. Much like Digg, people didn’t really like it. However, there isn’t anything like Reddit. Not to mention, they were a lot better about it than Digg ever was. They added an option to revert to the old Reddit design if the user wanted to. Reddit really is a cool place.

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