The History of Thanksgiving

Written by: Joseph Hiraoka

Edited by: Ethan Polley

The History of Thanksgiving

(Note that I’m talking about American Thanksgiving)

Thanksgiving is a holiday celebrated all around the world (for certain reasons that I won’t go into) and consists of lots of eating food.

In 1619, the Pilgrims arrived. They arrived with Puritans also but they’re basically the same so I don’t really care. Anyways, they arrived and were actually planning to have a feast when they land there. They waited a while for a good harvest, and then they had the greatest feast ever (for that time (probably).

They may have been influenced by the Germans in 1574 from when sieged Leiden in the Siege of Leiden (obviously). The Germans won and made the German equivalent of Thanksgiving, Oktober Fest.

Ultimately, the Pilgrims helped settle this land, and they also made a pretty cool holiday while at it. Merry Christmas.

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