The LMS Spider!

Outside of the newspaper room, we have a large garden spider. This spider is not poisonous but is rather venomous. The difference between the two terms is that venom is delivered when poison is injected. Our spider is a male due to it being small in size. This spider can go by many names such as: the Writing spider, the Hay spider, and the Corn spider.

A normal garden spider’s lifespan is about three years at maximum. However, if in captivity, this spider can live for more than twenty years. This spider lives in places like yards, gardens, and fields. A garden spider’s diet consists of aphids, grasshoppers, bees, flies, and some species of wasps. A garden spider’s egg sack may contain between 300-1,400 eggs. This egg sack is a brown color. A garden spider’s eggs normally hatch in Autumn.

Our spider is a fascinating creature. He is hanging out in his web outside of the computer building if you ever want to take a look at him.

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