Two sides

Past, present, future, and Jacob Marley, those were the ghosts that visited Ebenezer Scrooge on Christmas Eve. Well, that’s the tale that Charles Dickens told, but he left out one important detail to the story. There weren’t four spirits that visited Scrooge on that deserted and chilling Christmas Eve, no, in fact there were actually six.

Charles Dickens believed that these two ghosts shouldn’t be known to mankind. He thought that the knowledge of these two ghosts could ultimately lead to the destruction of all life as we know it; however, Charles Dickens was just being paranoid. These ghosts were harmless. Actually, these ghosts were the real reason that Ebenezer Scrooge changed his opinions about Christmas.

Yin and yang, good and evil, The Dark and the Light: Seraphena and Rowan. Seraphena and Rowan are like the protagonist and antagonist in a novel. They are twins that were raised into a life of division which ultimately changed them into two completely different people. Rowan took the path of righteousness while Seraphena chose to take a Wicked turn and follow in her mother’s footsteps. However, no matter how different these twins are they are completely inseparable. Even after their passing they stuck together, and now look where they are, changing people’s lives for the better.

Everyone has heard the tale of the ghosts that visited Scrooge, well, it’s time to tell the full story. It was Christmas Eve when Scrooge had been visited by the spirits. First it was Marley, then it was The ghost of Christmas Past, The Ghost of Christmas Present, The Ghost of Christmas Future, and finally The ghosts of Dark and Light. By the time that The ghost of Christmas Future had left, Scrooge was still unconvinced that Christmas was a good holiday. He went back home and he was about to get back into his bed when he noticed that a black smoke was coming into his room from underneath his door. Scrooge jumped up onto his bed and hid beneath the covers; meanwhile, a white smoke started to enter his room through a window that Scrooge had left cracked. The thumping of Scrooge’s heartbeat could be heard one thousand miles away.

Black and white was filling the room entirely making it a haze of grey fog. Scrooge lifted the covers up over his head and the sight he was met with almost made him burst into laughter. Two teenagers that could be over sixteen, a girl and a boy, twins. They were the same height, had almost the same facial features save a few, and they stood the same exact way. That’s where the similarities ended though, from first glance the twins looked completely opposite. The boy had platinum blonde hair, a crisp white cloak hanging from his shoulders, and the purest look in his eyes. The girl, on the other hand, had long black hair, some sort of dress made of black and purple fabric, and a scepter in her left hand.

“Well, well, well, look who we have here.” Seraphena motions to Scrooge, a mischievous look in her eyes. “Looks to me like a coward.”

“Seraphena, be nice,” the one in white warns. Seraphena just laughs and walks towards the side of Scrooge’s bed. “I’m Rowan, and this is my twin: Seraphena.”

“Get up, we all have some serious business to attend to.” Seraphena touches Scrooge’s shoulder and with that the two ghosts and Scrooge disappear from the dark room.

When Scrooge opens his eyes he is in awe at the scenery surrounding him. It’s almost as if he was in heaven. “What is this place,” Scrooge asks.

“This is The Domain of Light. It’s where people that have made a difference in this world go when they pass.” Rowan walks towards a ginormous wall filled with cubbies holding some sort of glowing orb. Scrooge is drawn to the glowing orbs, for some reason they seem to be calling out to him like a long lost friend.

“What are these?” Scrooge walks towards the glimmering spheres.

“Those are the souls of the deceased; they have found a new resting place. The souls are still living though. Once someone has passed their soul gets sorted and if it comes here then they will forever be in their own version of paradise. People’s dreams really do come true here.” Scrooge starts to eagerly look at the cases on the wall, seeing if maybe he will be able to find the name Jacob Marley written on a plaque.

“If you are looking for your little friend you won’t find him,” Seraphena says, clearly annoyed with how naive Scrooge is.

“Why?” Scrooge looks baffled by the news of his friend not being in The Domain of Light.

“You see, he wasn’t good enough to make it here. He tortured and stole and made people’s lives terrible. He doesn’t deserve to be here.”

“Well, if he’s not here then where is he. Show me where he is,” Scrooge demanded.

“Very well.” Seraphena snapped her fingers and the scenery changed. No more pristine white walls and glowing orbs, now it's just a dark void.

When Scrooge opens his eyes he is met with a never ending abyss. The darkness around him enveloped his whole body.

“Where are we,” Scrooge asks, his voice catching a bit.

“This is The Domain of Dark, where nightmares come true.” Seraphena cackles at the look of terror on Scrooge's face. Scrooge can’t believe it, there’s no way Marley is here. It can’t be possible.

“Where is he,” Scrooge demands. Seraphena pounds her scepter into the ground and a large metal door appears in the middle of the room. There’s a nametag on the door that reads Jacob Marley. Scrooge wearily walks towards the door. Scrooge starts to turn the doorknob; he shivers from the cold metal on his hand. Scrooge flings the door open and the sight he is met with made him gasp.

Marley was sitting in front of a store, soaking wet clothes, begging for money. Nobody would give him any money, or anything to be exact. He was forced to be in the same position of the people he could have helped. He has to be a beggar for eternity.

“Jacob Marley will forever be stuck in an endless loop of hunger, cold, and loneliness. Because of how cruel Jacob Marley acted in his life he will play the role of those he hurt,” Seraphena explains.

“No, this can’t be. You can’t torture him like this, he doesn’t deserve it.” Scrooge staggers around the room looking for a way out.

“You see, that’s where you’re wrong. Jacob Marley wronged many people in his life. He ended up here because of his own actions, nobody else’s.” Scrooge’s breathing became quicker and shallower. He didn’t want to end up here. Scrooge couldn’t bear the thought of being stuck in an endless cycle over and over again.

“Take me home,” Scrooge demanded.

“As you wish.”And within and instant Scrooge was standing back in his own bedroom. There was no trace of any other human or ghost to be seen, just Scrooge.

The rest of the story is mostly the same. Scrooge finally realized that his actions were wrong and he wanted to make them right. He became a nicer person and people weren’t scared around him anymore. To this day I don’t understand why Charles Dickens never mentioned Seraphena and Rowan. I guess there are just two sides to every story.

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