What is the color of a mirror?

Mirrors are an intriguing thing. People are always asking the question,”What color is a mirror?” Well, I have the answer.

First off, a person who makes mirrors would be laughing at your question. Secondly, I will now tell you. Mirrors are actually glass that has been coated in a really reflective, non-toxic silver/aluminium paint.

How they’re made

First, the people who collect sand do their jobs. Then, the sand is taken to the place where the glassblower works. The glassblower is just a person who blows into a tube that forms glass to make silverware, but they do square shapes too, apparently. Glassblowers make all types of shapes from molten glass.

The glassblower then sends (or does this next step by themselves) to a silverer (actual name), who then polishes the glass until it’s absolutely spotless. Then, the mirror part happens. They apply a non-toxic, extremely reflective, aluminium/silver paint. Then they let the “mirror” dry. Then, it turns into a mirror.

So what color really is a mirror?

So in the end, a mirror is silver. Depending on how you look at it, it can also be no color. In my opinion, it’s silver. Now you can impress your teacher, who knows nothing about mirrors.


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