What is the most useful technology today?

What piece of technology has had the greatest impact on humankind? Most people would say the mobile phone. I disagree with the phone, yes it has many features and helpful things needed in our life’s today but what about having that on your wrist any time of the day. The Apple Watch has many features included in a phone but on your wrist.

The Apple Watch is very helpful in many ways. “The watch does much more than tell the time—but what exactly does it do? And what can't it? The $350 Apple Watch is meant to be worn throughout the day and relies on its connection to an iPhone for much of its functionality. It can track health activity, communicate with friends and run a wide range of apps.”- PCWorld. PCWorld also says how the Apple Watch can help you with shopping. With a swipe of your Apple Watch you can purchase anything you want with an easy set up on the watch.

There are also many things you can’t do on the Apple Watch. There is no camera on the Apple Watch but you can show pictures on there. You also can’t use your GPS or tracking you distance unless you iPad is with you. After an overnight charge your Apple Watch will work for about 18 hours or more. The keyboard is very small and hard to text on. You have to be paired to your iPhone to get a lot of things.

All in all I think that the Apple Watch is a great piece of technology and is very helpful. If you are wanting an Apple Watch it does cost 350 US dollars. It is very useful and can help you reach anyone that you need.

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