What it’s like to be in a car wreck

Reported by: Ethan Polley

Written and Edited by: Joseph Hiraoka

Interviewing: Nicholas Kappeas

What’s it like to be in a car wreck?.

“It’s very fun, it’s to be honest, the experience was like that I didn’t really see it. I passed out, but my body went nuts to be honest, everything was like black and then I end up waking up at a KU hospital. I remember seeing a blue bumper in the corner of my eye.”

What’s it like to be in a coma?

“Everyone says that you can hear everything (when you’re in a coma), but you can’t. It’s like you go to sleep and then wake up.”

How are you managing now?

“I’m doing a lot better than I was. I had a mental breakdown when I was half awake and half drugged. Almost 48-60 hours later I’m doing much better.”

Can you tell us the entire story of what happened?

“It was an everyday Sunday night around 6 o’clock maybe 6:30, and I was going by the city hall on the way back from Aldi’s. We were turning into the trail park lot and on the road, a car, a blue car, was driving very fast and thundering on the road and my mom was half-way across the road and I just remember seeing the tiniest little bumper of the car, and then I blacked out. I only heard a slight sucking sound, and then everything went black.

What’s it like to be in the hospital

“Kinda stinky, the smell of the rubber gloves in the air. It doesn’t comfort me. Very bland. Almost like staying at a 3 star hotel. I went to sleep all the time.”

How many bones did you break and which ones?

“Just one, actually two considering my skull cracked. I broke my thumb. 2-3 bones because I don’t know how many thumb bones I broke.”

Is your mom okay?

“She had it somehow way worse than I had. She has managed it a lot better, and she didn’t get in a coma. She broke her arm in 7 different places and cannot lift a pound, a pound, or else she’ll have to have her arm amputated”

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