What? Why? VSCO?

Written by: Ethan Polley

Edited by: Joseph Hiraoka

History of VSCO Girls

Why is it popular to be a VSCO Girl?

In July 2019 everyone became a VSCO girl going sk sk sk which is very annoying to basically everybody else who isn’t a VSCO Girl. Why are people doing this? Also, why are Hydro Flask and Apple Watches associated with them?

It all started in July of 2019 with a new entry in Urban Dictionary. People looked up VSCO Girl in it, and it became a meme with everyone acting like one. The only reason it became popular is because people were acting like them on Tik Tok and Instagram. The popular VSCO girl “and I oop ska ska ska” means to express, shock, or surprise someone. Another reason the VSCO Girl became popular was because of an editing app named Vsco. Most people think of the brand Vsco but that’s not it. In the app it has: Hydro Flasks, scrunchies, Vans, and other items. Plus, someone made a character on the app and posted it on Tik Tok, and that’s why being a VSCO Girl is popular.

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